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“The real purpose of socialism is to overcome and advance beyond the predatory phase of human development.” -Albert Einstein

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     I've lived in TX my entire life and I have seen some amazing, wonderful things. I have been in awe, inspired and fulfilled by our state, our people, our comradery. Lately though, it seems like who we are and what defines us has less to do with what our values are and more to do with what we're told to agree with.

I've lost friends over my support for Black Lives Matter. I've lost family over differences of opinions. Political discussions are not just talking points, they are based on values and ethics. I don't believe that anyone should be in complete control of another person but I'll be damned if you should go about your life never considering others. No matter what your background or your beliefs, we are ultimately all in this together.

I've seen some awful, painful things happen to people and the only thing that makes it better are finding people who care. Even if you cannot help, at least you can show concern, share some love for others regardless of any differences. I've worked in healthcare for almost 17 years now and I just want to do more. I know we can join each other in this fight for equality and justice for all. We should not demonize people who want the world to be a better place.

If you love your country, be a part of the change towards freedom and prosperity for all, not just the wealthy. Compassion isn't costly, its essential. I believe we should have universal healthcare, UBI for low and middle income, green new deal, job guarantee, $20 minimum wage, cuts in excessive military spending and basic human rights to be happy and healthy. There is no need for so many to be suffering.

All the News They Throttle, We Publish.

1. Its Worse Than We Thought  Privacy Edward Snowden on just how insecure our data is. 2021-04-16
2. Brazil finds new virus variant combining 18 mutations  Covid If all of us are not safe, none of us are safe. 2021-04-08
3. Could an accident have caused COVID-19?  Covid A clear headed analysis of the possibility that Covid came from a Wuhan lab. What is really interesting are their other articles on GMO food. By @GMWatch. 2021-03-22
4. Iran Says Israeli 'Nuclear Terrorism' Could Have Led to Catastrophic 'Crime Against Humanity'   War and Peace Israel is not just sabotaging Iran, it is sabotaging US foreign policy. 2021-04-12
5. We Are Living in a Climate Emergency, and We are Going to Say So  Climate Change Scientific American now says that it is time to use a term that more than 13,000 scientists agree is needed 2021-04-13
6. Trump Trades Away Western Sahara’s Self-Determination: Will Biden Reverse the Decision?   War and Peace Our new Editor @ProPeace97 writes really well, and knows a lot about what he is writing about. Here he is shining a light on how one of Biden's policies follows in Trump's footsteps. 2020-12-29
7. Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before  Green New Deal Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter explains what Biden's 'all hands on deck' approach could look like as the new administration takes on five big climate challenges. 2021-01-28
8. Scientists Warn 4°C World Would Unleash 'Unimaginable Amounts of Water' as Ice Shelves Collapse  Ice and the Arctic It is just common sense, but our politicians seem to lack it, and so it gets published. This is the news you may not see on the MSM. 2021-04-09
9. Due Process, Adult Sexual Morality and the Case of Rep. Matt Gaetz  Improving Democracy For those who think that there are more important things than our constitutional rights, I recommend that you watch“A Man For All Seasons” 2021-04-11
10. French winemakers count cost of ‘worst frost in decades’  Extreme Weather Freezing temperatures damage crops and vines in France, soon it won't be just grapes. 2021-04-10

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1. Green New Deal -> President Biden announced a Green New deal. Here is the news about it. 2021-01-28
3. Biden Administration -> Covering the entire administration, not just his cabinet. 2021-02-18
4. Defund The Police -> An Index and news site about defunding the police. 2020-06-12
5. Immigration -> Articles about Immigration 2021-03-10
6. Improving Democracy -> About increasing the level of democracy and transparency. 2021-03-08
7. Other Issues -> Other issues not covered elsewhere. 2021-02-18
8. Socialism Vs Capitalism -> People before profits. 2021-02-15
9. War and Peace -> Read abotu the Green Parties Policies on Nuclear Weapons. 2020-08-16

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  Texas lawmakers want to ban dangerous radioactive waste. The proposal would give a nuclear waste company a big financial break.

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